Nov 6

#iwatchfox: Yes, Vagina

So we come to the part of the evening when the Fox crew must grapple with Virginia not falling neatly into the Romney column. THEY HAD FEELINGS THAT IT WOULD. And now the feelings are hurt.

Tucker Carlson, who is a friend and I suspect also some kind of performance artist, points out — correctly! — that there are a lot of blacks in Virginia! Also in Pennsylvania. He makes this point, too: ”There’s something what went basically unnoticed by the press and that was the Obama campaign making a push of social issues, particularly abortion, and that seems to have worked. I don’t recall seeing a single national TV show taking on abortion.” Later: “If you were a voter in a white, working class state, you had no idea that they were running a campaign based on abortion!”

Dana Perino concurred: Yes, abortion was a thing for Obama, a topic “which NOBODY on the Republican side was bringing up as an issue.” Unless they were were talking about rape, of course.

Yes, this was definitely A SECRET OBAMA PLAN. Not a part of his stump speech or anything. There definitely weren’t ads. Not in, say, a white, working class state such as Missouri. Hey, remind me: Was abortion an issue in the race there?

If Tucker is correct, then we need a new category: no-information voters.

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